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Rego Heavy Duty Gas Line Regulator

1780 Series


The 1780 Series Regulators are designed for final line pressure regulation on gas distribution systems. They are suitable for a variety of gases in medical or industrial applications. The 1780 Series Regulators have a balanced seat, are constructed with oxygen compatible materials, and have the same valve design, brass body, and internal parts as the premium BR-1780 Series. Flow performance is likewise equal to the BR-1780 Series.


  • Maintains a steady downstream pressure across a range of inlet pressure commonly provided by a cryogenic bulk tank.
  • Large seat and diaphragm areas provide high capacity with sensitive control of delivery pressure with low falloff.
  • Two ¼" FNPT delivery pressure gauge ports are located (plugged) on each side of the valve.
  • Two bonnet drain/vent holes to allow for different mounting orientation.
  • T-handle adjusting screw.
  • Maximum inlet pressure is 400 psig.
  • Temperature range: -40 F to 165 F.
  • Cleaned per CGA G-4.1 for oxygen service.


Body Forged Brass
Bonnet Nickel Plated Aluminium
Diaphragm Nitrile with PTFE liner
Springs and fasteners Stainless Steel
Other valve parts Brass
Seat Disc & O-Rings Viton is standard

For Carbon Dioxide or Nitrous Oxide service: Specify EPDM material for seat disc and O-rings, add “E” to end of part number.


The 1780 Series Regulators have inlet and outlet connection dimensions similar to the popular 1680 Series aluminum regulators. This means that you can replace the respective size 1680 Series regulator with the new 1780 Series regulator and have the improved balanced seat performance.

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