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PAM presents a mini filling station that is independent and mobile, to meet the needs of FILLING LPG cylinders with low tonnage (about 20 tonnes/day).

This mini station is installed in a "20-foot" container, inside which the operation is carried out. This container facilitates the transportation of the material and protects the equipment from inclement weather.

In addition to the equipment necessary for filling the LPG, the container is also equipped with:

  • A lighting system.
  • A series of extinguishers.
  • An electro-pump group and flexible connection for the transfer of the LPG.
  • An electrical power cabinet (LPG pump and lighting).

This is accompanied by a diesel-operated electrical generator.

The mini filling station is made up of:

  • A roller conveyor for handling the cylinders.
  • Filling scales (a maximum of six).
  • A weight control scale.
  • A leak detector.
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